Hi, I’m Dana!

I am many things – a businesswoman, aspiring entrepreneur, creative thinker, footwear designer, shoemaker and data analyst; an optimist, storyteller, believer in humanity, hospitality devotee, world citizen and environmentalist; an avid traveler, skier, adventure seeker, foodie, booty shaker (and funk lover), poet and zBoard enthusiast; a lover of plants, frogs and the ocean, and a daughter, sister, and friend. Footwear designer and shoe maker are new additions to the list, and they’ve quickly become the most exciting. I also really, really like fruit.

Me by Alaric jpeg.jpg

Born and raised in the Hudson Valley area of New York, it wasn’t until I spent a short lifetime living in a cubicle in NYC that I developed an insatiable desire to see the world and a commitment to pursue the creative endeavor that is life. This has led me from investment banking to business development to discover my true passion and ultimate professional goal – the creation of bad ass but chic sneakers. The purchase of an electric skateboard several years ago prompted me to search for a pair of beautiful trainers that were chicer than street wear, more affordable than luxury, and characterized by smart design, comfortability, quality, and a high level of funkiness. I soon came to realize that what I am looking for does not exist, and I plan to change this. I am currently seeking employment at innovative companies within the e-commerce, digitally native consumer brand and footwear industries in my pursuit of gaining experience, learning from the best of the best and helping to drive growth in a company I believe in.

Feel free to drop me a line and check back as my story continues to develop. Everyday is a transformation.